T-Swing mixing device


Standardizing the mixing proces 


By using the T-Swing at the phlebotomy, the mixing process is being standardized. The goal is to reduce the presence of clots and improves the quality of the plasma or serum.

Just place the tubes into the slot on top of the device, the tube will be mixed 8 inversions automatically, according to the prescribed mixing method. If a tube is allowed only to be mixed 4 inversions (f.e. citrate), the button “4x” can be pressed, just before the tube is placed in. This tube will be mixed 4 inversions.


Because the sample collection takes less time than the mixing process, several tubes can be kept on hold before being mixed, so the blood collection process won’t be delayed.



- Power 220V or Li-ion battery

- Always the right number of inversions

- Low noise level

- Incoming tubes can be kept on hold

- Easy operation

- CE-mark




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